Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

So I recently found out (just today) that our local TCBY has waffle cones for a buck every Wednesday. Now folks, I love icecream, especially TCBY's frozen yogurt. Somehow I am under the illusion that even covered in fudge and m&m's, it's healthier for me than plain old icecream. HA! So we are on our way to pick Brandon up at camp, and then off to dinner. Where you ask? To get ice cream you silly goose! Ice cream? What kind of mom feeds their children ice cream for dinner? gasp Well before you call authorities on me, we've done such a thing twice and it went over BIG. It's just a way for me to get out of cooking special treat for the kiddos, and I'm sure I'll throw a veggie their way before bedtime. So don't get your feathers THAT ruffled. It's hot, it's humid, and ask me if I feel like slaving over a hot stove tonight? Or hot microwave, as the case may be! HA! So for tonight, I will be the cool, fun, spontaneous Mom, not the uptight, anal retentive control freak drill sergeant perfectionist Mom. And so it shall be, ice cream for dinner! crowds going wild

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kiss My Grits!

So go ahead and ask me how the beginning of summer break is going? G'head. Well since you asked, it's going maaaaaavelous darling! I signed Brandon up for summer camp (just day camp) to get him out of my hair keep him active and give him some things to do that we might not otherwise get to as a family this summer. And who knows, maybe he'll make some new friends!

I am far less stressed the last couple days than I was. I tend to get myself in a frenzy going over my to-do lists in my head. Rather than just taking a deep breath and knowing it'll get done when it gets done! If I just had 2 more hands, but then I'd look awful funny wouldn't I? I'm terrible at delegating. I need to work on that, I know it would save me a few nervous breakdowns! And the house was really bugging me, from all the coming and going, it had been neglected for weeks. Oh it wasn't filthy, but it wasn't up to my standards. Can we say OCD anyone?? I have this little voice inside that chants clean, clean, clean when I'm at home. Yes I hear voices, I admit it. HA! It's the voice of Alice mainly, or at least that's who I imagine it to be. HA!

No not THAT Alice!!

THIS ONE! Well I've goofed around long enough. And just in case you may be thinking if she's sooooooooooo busy, why's she blogging, and yes I actually had someone make that remark!!, to that I say, in the words of Florence Jean Castleberry, KISS MY GRITS!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Underwear is not optional!

So as I mentioned in an earlier blog, today it was just us girls. I had grand plans of some serious mother daughter bonding. It was sunny and blazing hot out, but we were not to be deterred! So off we went to the park for icecream and a little monkeying around. My first faux paus was to realize I had left the sunscreen in the garage at home. So of course I was feeling like a terrible mom, since my daughter is of the fairest complexion and would easily bake like a rotisserie in the full sun. So I decided we would sit in the shade and eat our sundae together, and then play for a little while and go. It was much too hot to be there for long anyway. As we were sitting and gabbing and gobbling our sundae, my daughter was sprawled in a very lady like pose. I started to tell her to put her legs together, when I noticed her lack of underwear! My first reaction was what the? I said "Hailey! Where'd your underwear go?" She said, with fudge in her mouth, "I dunno". Oh good grief. Then I said, "Did you forget to put them on?" And then she paused for a moment, ate another big dripping spoonful of sundae, and said "no Mommy, I just left them in the drawer". She said this as if it should make perfect sense. So I began to quietly discuss with her that undies are not optional, she must wear them. And she stared at me blankly, with whipped cream on her nose. This leaves me scratching my head and wondering if she's done this before? So now I will insitute the daily panty parade, whereupon before we go out of the house in public, I will stop her for a safety check just to ensure she isn't trying to go commando. HA!

Feel the Burn!

As the dawn of a new season is here, I dug out my Pilates DVD's and dusted off the cobwebs and am trying to decrease the flabulation tone up. I really like Pilates because it's very doable for me; one might say is in the realm of MY possibility. I currently have 5 Pilates DVD's, and they're mostly the same, some are longer a little more intense than others though. I can handle a 20 minute session, heck even 30. Much more than that and I call it a day. I hate to exercise. Yes go ahead and gasp. Point and laugh if you will. I don't know how to actually like it but I've heard rumors that some people actually do. I do love like tolerate my Windsor Pilates. I like Windsor's workouts the best. You can really feel it working in your legs and abdomen while you're doing the workout, but it's not so painful you want to puke afterwards. Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core, and the good Lord knows my core is a week gushy mess right now. I went to a few kickboxing classes a few years ago, after Hailey was born, and let me tell you, I have never ever never had such a tough workout in all my life. This woman was hardcore, I think borderline masachistic if you ask me. She seemed to like two things: her own pain and to see others experience it with her. Not only was I pouring sweat, but every muscle, even the ones I never knew I had, were sore. THAT my friends, would be why I don't like exercise. I mean really. Life is so short, must we live it in pain all for the sake of fitness? Is fitness supposed to bring tears to your eyes? Is fitness supposed to wake you up screaming with charlie horses in the middle of a good night's sleep? Anyway, back to my point. I wish I had a personal trainer like the stars do. You know, the ones who give birth and are seen in public 2 weeks later just as skinny as they were before pregnancy. They attribute it to personal trainers. So who do you think they have come in and whip them back into shape? Richard Simmons perhaps? Call it ADD, but doesn't this picture remind you of: Okay okay...

How 'bout Tony Little? You know, the Gazelle freak guy?

Or perhaps the scariest of them all.... Her morning workout just about killed me a few years ago. I would get up before anyone else rose, just to catch her morning routine. And also so no one would point and laugh at me as I contorted myself with tears in my eyes, all in the name of beauty. Ack. Needless to say I chucked that and started sleeping in again! HA!

Okay so I wish I may I wish I might, have a personal trainer, tone me up right! Don't we all! Unfortunately the reality is I am in charge of my own fitness. And unfortunatley I have my good days, my motivated days, and I have my lay on the couch and see how many Reese cups I can hog down days not so good days. I think this is true of most. Oh you might not admit it, but you know you have days where you eat anything that isn't tied down or pointy. My weakness is chocolate. Oh the love affair chocolate and I have had! It's so full of dreamy creamy goodness, what's not to like? What you say? That 40 pounds of flubber that comes along with it you say? Oh now, don't be so negative! It's all in moderation. I will have to learn this concept, live this concept, and love this concept. HA! Until then, I bid you goodnight, I have a Big Cup calling my name.

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Today James and Brandon are off to a Father/Son ballgame in Detroit! Brandon's first official game ever. Yes, that's right, his first ever!

Ferris Bueller's Day off comes to mind now...the baseball game scene. This was as close as I could get:

So while the guys have thier day, the girls are having ours. We are off to get icecream and have some FUN in the sun at the park! Sing it with me now, you know you wanna! Grab those hairbrushes!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chronicles of a Busy Mom

Today was busy and hectic and wonderful all at the same time! First of all, we took Hailey for her renal ultrasound, which was supposed to be yesterday but don't even get me started on that one! Anyway, so we took her TODAY and in about an hour all our worries were alleviated. Nothing looked abnormal or obstructed, so they cancelled the slew of other tests they had initially planned, which would've included a cath and dye test. I am sure we would've met that with some resistance. But she did great for the ultrasound, laid perfectly still, watched the screen intently, and ended our visit with a sucker and a smile. Yay!!! So off we went, a few hours earlier than planned, and home I came to call everyone and tell my good news! They had been looking for a condition called kidney reflux, which I Googled and confirmed with the ultrasound tech; it can mean surgery, in severe cases. WHEW thank God it wasn't that! It seems she might just be a little more sususptible to UTI's, so we've motified things like converting from baths to showers, no bubble bath or other irritating soaps, and no juice. Needless to say she is totally bummed about these new rules, but if it will keep her from having a UTI, then I'm all for it.

Then we had Brandon's elementary graduation!! He has never had a "graduation" ceremony before, he's had assemblies but way more of those in Ohio than here. I was actually super excited about this graduation thing. Brandon was giving a speech and accepting awards, so wild horses couldn't have kept me away! We recorded the whole thing and got some really great footage of Brandon and the future class of 2014. Brandon accepted 6 awards all total, gave a wonderful speech, and wrapped things up with cake and icecream at the end!

Then back home to start going over my list of things yet to do. Can we say eeeeek!?! It seems lately I have so much to do but not enough time to do it all in. Ahh if only I had one more of me...but then I just don't think the world is quite ready for that. HA! Really the majority of my busyness lately has been wrapped up in Brandon. And if you don't have an older child, you just don't get it. I have friends who I swear think I am inventing my busyness, or perhaps exaggerating it a bit, but no, sorry to say, I'm not. I have been so stressed trying to fit everything in, keep everyone happy, and I've come to grips FINALLY with the fact that I just can't please everyone all the time. I have to do what I can to keep my sanity! Why am I so stressed? Oh well lets run over the short list of what I still have to do. Enroll Brandon for school next year. Enroll Hailey for preschool. Sign Brandon up for Summer Camps. Make various trips to Post office and store, also Lowe's for Daddy's Day present. Oh crud, mental note, pick up something for MY dad for Father's Day! Go help Gramma sometime this week, in all my spare time. Another Dr.'s appointment for Hailey. My annual "female" visit, unspeakable joy. Mental note: can I get a raincheck please? And lets not forget the's looking a little neglected lately and next week's not going to be much better, so friends, if you stop by unannounced, be forwarned! Now these are just what's off the top of my head, this isn't going by what I actually have in my Day Planner for next week. So then I decided to push my garage sale back a week, since I am going to be short on time to get the rest of my junk items ready. What's the sense in having a garage sale if you can only put 1/2 of what you intend to sell in the darn thing? So yeah, I guess I need to take a chill pill. I think once the next couple weeks are over, I'll be my former mellow self. I am so not the type of person who functions well, or likes to be busy all the time. To have every hour of every day booked. That would be my Hell. I hate to feel rushed. Call me a hippy chic, but I just love to go with the flow man. But such is not the case for now. Oh well, there's always Ohio to look forward to in July!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Would you like soft sexy feet?

Okay ladies, gather round, 'cause I just HAVE to give a little plug, a little "shout out" to one of my newest favorite products. It's called the PedEgg. angels singing chorus If you have rough dry spots or even large thick calluses, don't look at me like that, you know your feet are pretty rough after a long hard winter, give the Ped Egg a try. Now before you rush out and get one just on my word alone, I've seen several online with a range of prices from 9.99-19.99. Do not over pay! It looks like if you go to their website they have a buy one/get one special with free foot repair cream! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah Anyway I have tried so many different things on my feet over the years to try to combat and reverse the "tread" or wear if you will and make them smoothe and soft, but NOTHING has worked as well, not even a professional pedicure. And I'm not knocking them, they are wonderfully relaxing, but for a fraction of the cost, you can have your own little pedicure right in your bathroom! It's super easy but I will warn you, it's a little messy. I've seen the commercials, I'm sure you have too: Well most of it's true, except for the part that the "shavings" stay right in the egg. Um not mine. Anyone else out there manage to keep 5 pounds of foot shavings contained in that little egg? No? Anyone? Well anyway, all I do is lay my towel on the floor and off I go to get the smooth sexy feet of my dreams. LOL Actually I don't think anyone but me has noticed the straight up sexiness of my feet since using Ped Egg, not even James, but then again he's not really a foot fetish guy so he rarely takes notice of my feet unless I touch them to his legs at night to warm them up, he loves to be my warming blanket. HA! OHHHHHHHHHHHH! One more thing, this one's a biggie. I always use the Ped Egg right after I shower, when your skin is softened. I don't think it works as well when they're dry. In fact, I've tried it once and couldn't get past the sound it made, like sandpaper against a brick, ack, anyway so word to the wise, just use it right after you've soaked your feet and you'll be fine! Men just don't get how lucky they have it....they go around hairy and rough and that is "manly" and perfectly acceptable. Ladies, if we go around all gnarley then no one wants us around anymore. We shave, we wax, we tweeze, we exfoliate, and the list goes on and on. To our pain, our plight, and our Ped Eggs!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where one door closes....a window will open to jump out of!

This week is Brandon's last week of elementary school. sniffle I'm a little sad over this. Okay lets just cut the bull, I'm a lot sad over this. It's like the end of an era. If I'm so sappy over this, can you just imagine when he leaves for college? You know you've seen those commercials where the minute the kid leaves home, the parents are turning their old room into some big thing, like an exercise room or a den or something. Well yeah, not me. Oh now I won't go creepy crazy over it and turn it into a shrine, but geez, let the kid have something to come home to on holidays! lol I seem to be getting ahead of myself here though. This year has been a toughie in parenting, between Brandon entering a strange unchartered age, Mom and Dad searching for a support group, and coming to grips with the "end" of something. The end of him being a kid I guess. He's already past that in looks, he's in a men's shoe size now, and just days ago I noticed he is most definitely taller than me now. As he stood next to me brushing his teeth the other night, the reality hit me. My kid COULD take me if he wanted to now. HA! I had a straight bird's eye view up his nose. This is why it is SO important to teach respect while they're little. If not then, by the time they get bigger than you, it might just be too late! And then I noticed his dark peach fuzz sprouting above his upper lip. I've had these recurring strange dreams lately, where I wake up, shuffle down the stairs, just like any morning, but as I round the corner into the kitchen, there sits Tom Selleck at my breakfast bar, telling me he's hungry, in Brandon's adolescent crackling voice. This is what I expect Brandon to look like when he gets older. lol Hopefully without the mustache. So with my son's rapid changes it's hard for me to keep him frozen in time as my "baby" anymore. He's moving on, with or without me for sure, so I better hang on for the ride! It's sure to be a bumpy one! We have several appearances to make for different end of the year celebrations at Brandon's school this week. Today was one such occasion, it was a class picnic/cookout. I have to say his teacher is a hoot, she has a great sense of humor (uh you'd have to to teach a classroom full of 12 year olds! shudder). So James, Hailey and I all went to celebrate and eat lunch with Brandon and his class. When we first arrived, we went in and waited just outside his classroom. The teacher was trying to get twenty eight 12 year olds to collectively shut up so we could get to the fun. Of course that's a futile effort, but at least she tries. After she finally regains control we all procede outside with a variety of food and the guys all go to do what they do best, fire up the grill. All the kids went different directions and Brandon, after a brief hey to his fam, ran off to play and not be seen associating with us again until we ate lunch. I talked with some of the mothers, we compared notes on our 12 year olds. It was sort of like a little support group meeting right there on the playground. HA! It's like every other mother there had the same question weighing on their mind. What on earth is up with my kid? So we laughed as we huddled together discussing the quirks of all of our kids, and we all breathed a cleansing sigh of relief because apparently, we all have very normal tweens that we will all have to find a way to love through all the arguing, mood swings and belching. Whew, what a relief! It's NOT just mine! Anyway, the food was prepared and what a spread we had! The parents sat back and waited for the kids to load up their plates. And what came next was much like watching wild animals paw and fight for food. There was a long line of 12 year olds that seemed scared the food would run out. Some of them clearly didn't like each other, or at least not for that moment, and picked at each other while moving through the line. The girls were more collected, but the boys were all goofy, gangly and gassy. Oh the loud sounds coming from many made most mothers look on in horror. I am sure we all were under the misconception that our sons were just heathen at home, not at school. But nope, not so. I am happy to report that Brandon held his gas until after he got home. So for that he got a pat on the back. But still, I'm sure he's let them rip with the rest of em before. So we all sat down and ate and had a great time, mothers talking meaningfully, a handful of Dad's talking in a real testosteroney way, and kids laughing and intermittantly running away from the food they fought so hard for to go play a quick round of basketball or tag. All in all it was a great time and a great way to observe their species at play, you know, the Tweenage species!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Once again, it's time to Insta-tan!

Yesterday I bravely put on a pair of shorts. I hate converting from the safety of sweats and jeans, to the bare nakedness of my shorts. And then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Ahhhhhhh! I scared myself! Suffice to say, I could illuminate a room with my pastey white legs! Eeeeek! Well at least they weren't hairy, so there is always that. Some women give up shaving for the winter season, and I honestly don't know how they can stand it. Not I! So today I dug around in the summer tote and found my insta-tan. It comes in a huge pump bottle, which I've been working on for years now. Who needs this much insta-tan? Oh now I know, many of you balk at the idea, but what are my options? I could lay out in the yard and scare the neighborhood, or leave them laughing and pointing in my direction. I could go tanning at a Salon. In my hayday, I loved going tanning. The problem though is that it's not so good for your skin. I don't want to look like Magda from There's Something About Mary in a few years! They actually came up with a term for the die hard tanners. Tanaholics! lol Oh my, if you need an intervention for tanning, then you have a heckuva problem. But I was once well on my way to such a thing. I thought I was pretty hot stuff, with my orange glow and over processed hair. And I wasn't in the minority on this, unfortunately. Since then, I've grown wiser and become more concious of taking care of my skin, which has left me but a pale shell of my former orange self. Until it really warms up around here and I am outside more, I always resort to the self tanners. When used in moderation and rubbed in reeeeeeally good, it can look pretty natural. Oh sure, you can go overboard with this method too, and become an orange streak of sunshine. But that just looks silly. I've tried sprays and lotions alike, and it really doesn't matter which, what matters is that you get it as even as possible and the goal is to give the illusion of a sun kissed look without attracting attention to the streak effect you can get if you are not a seasoned pro at this. So to all my pale pals I say, good luck and God speed with your tanning processes!

I love Genius!

My son was sitting on the couch reading a book this morning. My daughter climbed up beside him, and this is how the conversation went: Hailey: "Whatca doin Bondin?" Brandon: "Reading" Hailey: "Can I see?" Brandon: "yep" Hailey: "Who is that Bondin?" Brandon: "That's a picture of Jesus" Hailey: "I love Genius, Genius is cool. I wish I could see Genius. I would give Genius a big bear hug!" I am so glad I happened to be tuned in at that moment, as I tend too often to be caught up in the busy-ness of being a Mom, rather than stopping to enjoy these little moments that make my day. It's just another reminder to stop and smell the roses once in awhile! The laundry can wait, it'll always be there, but these moments will not!