Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not now, I'm on eBay!

I've been a little preoccupied lately. Yes that's right, if you can't find me here blogging, or here then I'm definitely going to be here. Why? Well so I'm a late bloomer, so most people have been on eBay for years. Better late than never I always say! I have yearned for something, a "job" or "career" that I could do from home (besides doing the thankless job of raising 2 kids, 3 if you count my husband, and picking up after them day in and day out). I've often thought of eBay but the thought daunted me, I shuddered when I thought of shipping. Yes shipping. How would I? How would I figure out how much to charge? Well folks, for all you scaredy cats, it's not really that hard. So I overcame that, and jumped in. Sure I had a couple auctions that didn't produce the profit I'd hoped for, but I'm learning, and I got great feedback so it was still a win win. I am learning so much about what to sell and where to find my items. Okay get ready for this one! Did you know......that Doritoes are a hot item overseas? And Lucky Charms! Did you also know that gas and heartburn meds are another? Over here in the great and gaseous U.S. of A. Who knew? I am getting to do something I love, which is shop, and I'm earning an income from it! Does it get much better than this?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paying it Forward

I am posting this on behalf of a fellow blogger, mom, author, entrepreneur and all around awesome woman. This is her book that she is now offering for FREE! Without further ado...... I am participating in the Good Karma Experiment on Facebook so here is a freebie! Get a free copy of my book, "The Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Successful eBay Selling." So many people are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts, or can’t find work at all. Maybe this will help someone make a few dollars from home and pay some bills. Here is the book on Amazon Get the free recently updated eBook version here (be patient, it takes a minute to open): Please pass this on to others via email, post on your blog, your FB page, MySpace, work at home groups, Twitter, or anywhere else you wish. Keep paying it forward and let's hope this reaches someone who needs it. If you can't get the link to open, send me an email and I will email the eBook to you. If you have purchased this eBook within the last 30 days, contact me and we will make arrangements to compensate you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So we have been remodelling our home since we moved in over a year ago. By show of hands, who here has remodelled a house without injuring or considering inflicting bodily harm upon their husband? K, so it's not just me then? Whew. Let me first jump to his defense before I smack him down. First of all he is a perfectionist. Second,he is very knowledgeable. And last but not least he does awesome work, the best, I wouldn't want anyone else working on our home. However, that being said, if I trip over one more piece of drywall, one more tool, or have to move his crap he leaves strewn about one more time, i may have to hurt him. You see, since it's just him working on the remodel, as his schedule allows, our projects came to a standstill a couple months ago. Since then, the anger welling up inside me is about to blow like Mt. St. Helen's. There isn't one floor, heck one room, that is sacred. Not one room is completely finished, and I do believe in my non expert opinion, the man has Attention Deficit Disorder. He starts one thing, that comes to a hault before it's done of coarse, and then whizzes off to another area to destroy, err I mean demo. I am so tired of my house not looking like a home, but more like a construction nightmare. You think I exaggerate? Phfffffft! come on over and feel my pain, walk in my shoes, pull up a piece of drywall and sit a spell, I'd have you over dinner but we'd have to sit in the hallway on lumber piles. (Okay that part IS an exaggeration). Anyway, my point being, if he doesn't wrap up a few of these projects soon, he won't be safe showing his face here much longer. He may do excellent work, but that will only buy me so much patience, and that is worn thin my friends.

I won the Brittish Lottery!!

Okay are you ready for this? Ya ready? Are you sitting down? Well apparently I have been contacted, not once, but twice in two days, via email of coarse, about winning the Brittish Lottery!!! Oh yeah, that's right, you read it right. Well sure some pessimists and skeptics may sneer and say if this is so legitimate, why would they contact you via email versus sending Ed McMahon to my door? Well I have a very good answer to that one! Because! Ed McMahon is busy DUH! Here is what I found him doing: Yah! So um like he's going to have time out of his busy filming schedule to come deliver my big fat checks to me! So I am so excited, whatever will I do with my newfound wealth? Well first of all, they need some info. Now I am not sure how I can win a Lottery overseas and they not have my info already, but here is what I'm told they need: To file for your claim, fill the winner verification form below and forward to the fudiciary agent immediately via email. VERIFICATION AND FUNDS RELEASE FORM 1.Full name: 2.Home Address: 3.Age:4.Sex: 5.Occupation: 6.Phone Number: 7.Country: Agents Name:Smith Stanford Phone: +447031947343 Fax: +448704798433 The Validity period of the winnings is for 10 working days hence you are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim not made before this date will be returned to the UK National Lottery as unclaimed, Sincerely, Once again congratulations... Cordially, Sir George Arisson Online Co-ordinator Soooo I'm gonna get right on that! I mean okay some may poo poo this, crying what about identity theft? Oh now come on! Why would the Brittish folk want to be lil ole me? So to put your worries at rest, I will be extra careful when giving Sir Georgie my perosnal information. In fact, he has a phone number, so maybe i'll just give him a jingle and ask him for his personal information and tell him he has won the American Lottery! SNORT! Sidenote: for those who don't know me, no I am not so stupid as to fall for this scam, I am merely making fun of it, and no I will not be giving this fictitious character my identity on a silver platter. The sad thing is.....there may be some out there who would all too easily fall for this. And to them I say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! And if you don't recall actually playing or entering to win something, then how would you win something otherwise? Food for thought....til next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Layout?

Okay since I'm back, I thought I'd change it up with a new layout. I like this one, but it doesn't really fit with the whole theme of "Momma said there'd be days like thise..." What I really need is a layout with cartoon pictures of kids running amock, a Mom pulling her hair out and a Dad staring blankly scratching his head. HA! Until I find one like that, I guess I'll go with this one. There were other very pretty ones, but still, none that really fit. I would LOVE to find one with a vintage retro 50's mom with some sort of funny saying. Here's a couple I have that I love: ......and my personal favorite, this was actually attached to my siggy on another website, this became my mantra after learning the ex husband/deadbeat who owes more than a few dollars in child support to me, was released early from jail, being given credit for serving time on an unrelated drug charge. But hey, who's bitter? No I! So if anyone happens upon a really cool layout, or can make me one, then please let me know. Til then, I leave you with this:

Back in black!

So I decided to start blogging again. Life got busy so I got away from one of the things I love the most, which is my writing. It also happens to be something I am quite good at. I have not blogged since last summer, dare I even try to catch you up or shall we just go from here? So much has happened in so many months. Friendships or rather, a friendship has come and gone, children are growing before my very eyes, I've grown another year wiser, and older *sigh*, becoming more aware of my health, and less inclined to care what others say or think about me. Life is short ladies and gentlemen, too short to fret over those little irritating things that can eat away at you if you let them, and let me tell you, I sure have some experience in this area. Like a careless gift your Mother in Law got for you for Christmas in January, with a big yellow Clearance sticker proudly displayed on the front of the packaging. Ya think she's trying to send me a message? SNORT! Or someone who was once a friend but is no more, and all the drama that goes along with it. Nope, throw it out, discard the garbage from your lives, it's no good for you and it's an energy waster. There is a reason someone isn't in your life now, and its their loss! So move on, suck it up, get over it and enjoy your life! That shall be my motto for this year, I am going to enjoy my life and be healthy, body, mind and soul. So with that, I will say I'm back baby! And I am reminded of one of the musical click on this link (embedding was disabled or I'd glady post it) and rock with me to my anthem, Back in Black by AC/DC! www.